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More Precious Than Gold - Elaine Barbieri The Black Hills of South Dakota, 1876. Caroline Brand is the only surviving member of a wagon train attacked by Indians - she's ready to give birth now, and suffering from the brutal head injuries she received. Miner Drake McNeil stumbles onto her in the nick of time, and takes her and the baby back to his remote cabin and nurses her back to health - but her memory of her life before the attack is gone.That's the gist of the story, and all you need to know going in. Drake has a load of drama from his past, and despite his attractions to Caroline, he's not ready to let go and trust another woman just yet. There's also a couple of side-stories of Drake's old friend Rosie, half-owner of one of Deadwood's saloons, who pines after Drake and dumps on the man who loves her; as well as the local doc who drinks too much and the widow who might be able to tame him. The good: I loved that big bear of a man Drake and how gentle he was caring for Caroline and the baby - more, more, more. There were lots of twists and turns at the end with the big reveal on Caroline's past that kept me on pins and needles until the last pages. The not-so-good: while the secondary characters/storylines were OK, they weren't that engaging and way too many pages were spent on them (YMMV). I ended up skimming a lot of that just to get back to Drake and Caroline's story, and I really don't feel like I missed much doing that. Four stars for Drake and Caroline's story, three stars for Rosie & Tag and Doc and Miriam's stories, rounded out to 3.5.