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Midnight Princess - Jo Goodman ETA: there is a five star review on Amazon that is in spoiler territory. I've tried reporting it, but no luck yet, but be cautious when reading reviews there.New York, post Civil War. Christian Marshall came back from the war a hero, his brothers and parents all deceased, a permanent leg injury, and a whole lot of butt-hurt attitude that he drowns in the whiskey bottle. He was also stuck with the family's newspaper (he used to paint prior to the war), and when the story begins he's doing a piece on a local hospital's treatment methods in the lunatic wing. Those methods are pretty brutal, particularly towards one young woman they've dubbed Jane Doe. Fast forward to avoid too many plot points, but Jane Doe escapes and ends up more dead than alive in Christian's stables and as much as he and his household staff try to help the girl, she's so traumatized from the hospital they began to wonder if perhaps the doctors were right...When Jane Doe recovers her health, she takes up a position in Christian's household as maid, but Christian soon gets ideas of a more exalted position, and he's one of those guys who doesn't take no for an answer. Not really a spoiler below, but I will err on the side of caution: "This is rape.""Not if I make you want me." Old skool, forced seduction warning. A common trope in the old days, but some readers have lower tolerances for this trope, so read at your own risk. The rest of the story revolves around the identity of Jane Doe (plenty of hints dropped that most readers will figure it out lickety split), plus catching the evil doers in their evil plans. Not great, but not terribly bad, although the sex scenes were a bit giggle worthy.