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Without Honor - Elizabeth  Stuart 4.5 starsI'm going to cheat a wee bit and add this bit from the book description:"It was a time of revolution and chaos, of danger and deception...when Scotland teetered on the brink of civil war and lawlessness swept the borderlands. And in the midst of this magnificent struggle for power, two strangers born to be enemies discovered a passion as savage as the wild Scottish moors."Set during the reign of Henry VIII, this novel was mostly set in Scotland during a very turbulent period; a young James V is a *cough* guest *cough* of Archibald Douglas, 6th Earl of Angus. Political tricks, spies, counter-spies, treason, treachery, dirty dealing and double dealing abound. Into this feisty stew comes Alexander Hepburn, baron of Durham and wealthy heiress Jonet Maxwell. Alex hates the Maxwells, particularly Jonet's beloved uncle and he'll go to any lengths to get his revenge - and that includes kidnapping and seducing her to get it.That's about all anyone needs to know going in, this is way too complex to try to spell out without doing a book report. This was quite the roller coaster ride with ups and downs and twists and turns and you never can tell until the end whose side Alex is on (and poor Jonet can never figure it out either). Is he on the good side or the bad side? Does he love Jonet, or just out to use her to get his revenge on her uncle? Is he working for Wolsey, Douglas or Jamie? We know it's not the French, since they have a price on his head. No matter, Alex has some of the best quips since Francis Lymond in Dunnett's Lymond Chronicles. Toss that in with a bit of a Romeo and Juliet twist and you've got a near-perfect read, with just the right mixture of history and romance. What. A. Ride.