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Never Love A Lawman - Jo Goodman Rachel Bailey might think she's buried the secrets of her past in Sacramento when she moved to the small mountain town of Reidsville, Colorado, but the past comes back with a vengeance when she inherits the local railway spur and half the local mine from her former benefactor. But there's a catch, as one of the terms of the will says she has to marry Sheriff Wyatt Cooper, or it all goes back to her benefactor's grandson (and he's an evil evil baddie). Well, this being a romance and all sparks start flying as our pair denies their mutual attraction and the bad guys come to town bent on evil doings (natch).While it isn't the most original plot ever, I did enjoy this a lot, especially the verbal bantering between Rachel and Wyatt. If I'd had a Kindle edition I'd probably have marked half of the book up with my favorite quotes (that was soooooooooooooome shooting lesson). While you don't get anything outside of a few heated kisses until halfway through, when the sex does come it is fairly explicit (but you can skim them). I've already read the sequel Marry Me (Zebra Historical Romance), and will definitely be picking up the third book in the series when it does come out.