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Chasing Rainbows - Victoria Lynne 3.5 starsThe crowd cheered as the bandit was hanged--until his hat flew off, revealing the truth: the condemned man was a woman. But the noose was loose, the rope was frayed, and within seconds Outlaw Annie fell to the ground, rescued by the tall, dark stranger who rode by her side as they hightailed it out of town. She'd never met her match until then, in this disturbing outsider who stirred unfamiliar passions as he tried to tame the wildest woman in the West.Outlaw Annie is condemned to hang in Stony Gulch, Colorado, but the rope didn't hold and she's given a second chance at life and handed over to the *care* of gambler Jake Moran who promises to escort her out of town where she plans to go straight. Jake isn't doing this out of the goodness of his heart, he's got some secrets of his own and he needs to track down Annie's old gang to get proof he's not a murderer. Annie swears that the rest of the gang died in a shootout with lawmen - but this supposedly dead gang is still out there robbing and murdering and stuff. Worse yet, every time they pull a heist, Annie is nowhere to be found. Is she really on the straight and narrow, or is Outlaw Annie back in the saddle? This was a quick, easy and fun read. Jake and Annie had some good chemistry going (he can call me darlin' any time). While there is a misunderstanding between the two, I wouldn't classify it as a Big Misunderstanding, and hats off to the author for not letting that happen. Typically when the hero suspects the worst, the heroine would be off pouting and whatnot, but not our Annie - she's not giving up her man without a fight! My only real quibble was the typos, and I don't know if they were from the original 1997 Dell edition, or came about through the conversion to e-book. Either way, I wish someone would have proofread it prior to setting it loose on the world. I got it as a freebie, but I've had been a bit ticked if I'd paid hard money.