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The Wild Hunt - Elizabeth Chadwick Chadwick's first novel, and Book One in the Ravenstow Trilogy. Guyan, a Marcher Lord marries Judith of Ravenstow at the order of King William Rufus. They meet on their wedding day, and Guyan finds himself with a not fully matured 16 year old wife. Judith is skittish around her new husband as her now dead father was extremely abusive to both her and her mother. Not everyone is happy with the union, as some would prefer Judith married elsewhere and Guyan must guard his back against attempts on his life. As Guyan and Judith struggle with the treachery and intrigues of the courts of both William Rufus and his brother Henry, they manage to forge a strong and passionate marriage, and Judith grows into a strong willed woman and a force to be reckoned with. This is the second time I've read this book, the first being two years ago before I had read much of the author's later works. It was very interesting to revisit one of her earlier books and see the contrast between them and how the author has grown. While a very well told tale, I did not find the effortless sense of time travel she shows in her later works, as she seamlessly blends the sights, sounds smells, clothing of the medieval period into her stories. I understand she will be rewriting this book in the coming year and would like to see how her current writing style might bring this story up to the five star quality of her later books.