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From This Day Forward - Deborah Cox 3.5 stars. New Orleans, Louisiana, March 1885Jason Sinclair left home and family behind years ago and built his coffee empire in the wilds of Brazil, but the one thing lacking is a young malleable wife to give him an heir. Jason has written to his cousin to make the arrangements, but unbeknownst to him Caroline Marshall (an employee in the cousin's NO coffee trading business), has been the one receiving the letters and responding to them. Carolyn likes what she sees in the letters and manipulates herself into being the *mail order bride* - a proxy wedding is arranged and she's off to Brazil and happy-ever-after. Not."The last thing he needed was a curious, inquisitive wife to start rattling the skeletons in his carefully sealed closet."Carolyn might send Jason's loins a-fluttering, but she's a bit too stubborn and independent for his tastes and...guess you have to read the book to find out.I did like this, but Carolyn's little deceptions did grate a bit (and there's more than one). Jason's got a world of butt-hurt that isn't fully explained to the very end, but he can come off a bit jerkish at the first of the book. A pretty engaging read for when you're in the mood for a lighter romance, the Brazilian setting was a refreshing change. My only real quibbles are the typos that I suspect came from the conversion process, and rather odd ones at that."/ knew she'd have wanted it that way." "Even so, / didn't know how desperate she'd become.""/ used to sneak and keep some of the money..."Not a huge complaint for a freebie, but I might be ticked if I paid full retail. My only real quibble with the writing is the head hopping in the chapters with no break between them. It was a bit distracting, and for that I can't rate the book higher.