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Montfort: The Founder of Parliament The Early Years 1229 to 1243

Montfort: The Early Years -  1229 to 1243 - Katherine Ashe DNF review at 17%How to review this? I knew going in that this book had some rather...erm...unusual opinions about Simon de Montfort and the *true* parentage of Edward I of England. I know there's at least two camps of readers in historical fiction - those who want it as historically accurate as possible (me), and those who are happy playing footloose with known history as long as the story and writing is good. Since other reviewers have done a fine job arguing the historical discrepancies here, here and here, I'm passing on one more rehash. I'll just talk about the reading experience as far as I got.Ashe's Simon is as good as good can be, in fact he's so perfect he could step right into the shoes of a Sandra Worth hero and you'd never know the difference. And in case you didn't catch how perfect Simon is, the reader is clobbered over the head with how vile and ill-mannered Henry III and his courtiers are (lots of gravy drooling on beards). To each their own, but since the writing is so reminiscent of Sandra Worth's, I realized this novel was not going to be to my tastes and am moving on. I will leave a few quotes below so other readers can decide if this author/book is a good fit."His mother, the Virgin, the Church all blended to a rich amalgam in his heart, an alchemy the heady fumes of which infused his every action with a sense of divine purpose. Though he might doubt the rightness of his acts, might bitterly revile his failings, he never would doubt himself, doubt that his responsibility was of the highest order.""A look of fear came into Simon’s eyes. He thought he did know what she meant. To fight in wars, to die with honor was what he hoped, even expected of his life. But to be a spy, an agent for a lord other than the one to whom one’s liege was pledged, was traitorous and vile."“I want a surpassing celebration!” Henry bubbled with excitement. “Bring the citizens of London out to meet my bride. With banners and music! Yes! And a feast upon the road! You must arrange it for me, Simon. Make it outshine anything ever seen in France. Let my subjects show their love for me on my most happy day!”Oh yes, I forgot to mention the heavy-handed use of exclamation points."But her languid gaze struck Simon with a force at least as strong. His heart seemed to abandon his breast entirely to hover, quivering, in her golden hair. His body waged war with his will, declaring itself independent and in liege to her. Blushing hotly, he frowned and held the basin lower, covering his short tabard’s hem. Henry, seeing his bride’s distress and Simon’s fierce glare..."That was the moment when I knew neither the Kindle or I could take any more. YMMV.